Are you ready for a kitchen adventure!?

A cooking challenge for people who believe in the value of eating real, whole foods.

During the month of February we will eat 29 different veggies in 29 days!

You can eat fresh, frozen, canned, local, convention, or organic. Eat them all at once, one at a time, or at your stomach's behest!

By the end of the 29 days you're going to be a more confident, capable, and adventurous home cook with a slew of new, favorite ingredients!

Enter your name and email address above to get the 29 Days 29 Veggies Field Guide, including the printable you'll use to track your progress and a list of veggies to get you started.

Make sureyou have a good resource for recipes! I will be cooking from The Casual Veggie cookbook. Get your copy here if you'd like to follow along (or if you're looking for an awesome veggie resource!)

When you push your own boundaries, you will be amazed at what you're capable of!