Functional nutrition for fertility, menstrual cycle health, and PCOS

Investigate your monthly report card

Today we’re investigating your monthly report card. This is about finding your baseline. You have to know exactly where your starting before you can map your destination.

  • How your period is a report card of your overall health

  • Observing cycle, period, and luteal phase length

  • Observing the quality of fluids, what to watch for

  • Observing symptoms correlated with your cycle


Remove the stressors

It is so important to remove the foods stressing the body because a stressed body is going to take resources that it would have used for reproductive functions, like having a healthy period, and use them to deal with stress.

We’ll cover the three biggest stressors

  • Sugar & refined carbohydrates, two significant ways they impact hormones, how to reduce them without feeling deprived

  • Vegetable oils, what they are, how they impact hormones and symptoms indicating you need better quality fats

  • Xenoestrogens, what they are, where they come from, how they impact hormones, how to remove them from your life


Add in the healers

These are external forces that we can seek out that support healthy hormonal balance. Watch today’s lesson, download the worksheet, and comment on this video with the biggest insight or take away you’ve learned.  

We’re going to cover three areas that help the body today

  • Nutrition, signs indicating which nutrients your body needs

  • Detoxification, why your detox pathways must be open before you “do a detox”

  • Supporting modalities, how chiropractic, acupuncture, and vSteams support healthy hormones.



Create your action plan!

We have covered how to investigate your monthly report card, removing the stressors and adding in the helpers. Each day so far we’ve had a worksheet to guide your through the task of figuring out what information applies to you.

Your body is unique and that’s why one-size fits all eating plans don’t work. Let’s take the information on your worksheets and put it into an action plan!


BONUS Masterclass!

This week has been about connecting with the signals in your body and they're connected to hormonal balance and painful periods. NOW LETS TALK HABITS!

You can implement these 10 Super Simple Habits for Hormone Health this week to start seeing improvements.

I'm also sharing a bit about what Nutritional Therapy is at the end of this masterclass. If you've ever wondered what its like to work with an NTP, or how it's different from 'health coaching' then check out the end of today's masterclass for details!