Functional nutrition for fertility, menstrual cycle health, and PCOS

Reset Your Period in 4 Days

4 Day Challenge Starts October 1


Painful Periods | PCOS | Endometriosis | Cysts & Fibroids | PMS | Fertility

Learn how nutrition impacts hormonal health

& how to know what advice is relevant for YOU!


Day 1 - What your period is telling you about your overall health 

Day 2 - The 3 major stressors that wreak havoc on hormones & how to tell which ones are causing YOUR symptoms.

Day 3 - The top healing agents that speed recovery and stop pain & how to tell which ones will make a difference for YOU.

Day 4 - Create an action plan to put your new knowledge into practice and finally end period pain forever!



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I was taught that painful periods were a fact of life. I used to stay home because the pain was so severe, I was nauseous, and I could hardly stand up. Yet, I was told the pain didn’t mean anything, that it was totally normal. My only options were to go on the pill, take handfuls of advil monthly, or power through.

When I began optimizing my nutrition, I never expected my periods to get better - but they did! And fast!

Your period is your 5th vital sign.

Your period gives a clear and accurate picture of what is happening in your overall health.

Periods are not meant to be painful. Painful periods and PMS are signs that something in the body is out of balance.

Your body has an incredible capacity for healing - you just have to give it the right tools! I’m so excited to share what I’ve learned and help you have easier, pain free periods too!

Mollie Williams, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

Mollie Williams, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner