I'm Mollie. It's lovely to meet you!

I've been cooking since 2004, I cut out processed food in 2010, I switched to a veggie focused menu in 2014, and I ate almost entirely local, seasonal food in 2015.

But before I cut processed food out of my diet - I thought I ate really healthy. True story!

I thought that because I was cooking at home and all of my food was packaged in boxes with the word "healthy" stamped right on 'em, I was doing really good.

But, even though my food was highly processed and full of weird ingredients, I learned a TON during that time.

I learned more about how to cook, how to meal plan, how to navigate the grocery stores, how to read nutrition labels (though I should have been looking at the ingredient labels), and how to incorporate the act of cooking into my life on a daily basis.

The information I've learned over the last five years has been compounding.

Each lesson builds on the previous one. Each step forward supports the next one.

5 years ago, there's no way I would have been able to support the kind of local, whole food cooking that I practice now.

I would have never gotten to this point if I hadn't started out with those simple, processed meals.

I know how daunting it feels to get online and see 20 different posts about 20 different things you should be doing differently in your life if you want to be healthy.

If there's one thing I've learned, it's that no amount of reading will change your life.

It's the actions you take with the information that will change your life.

And the first step is to start. Even if you know you're not doing it perfectly. Even if you do it really badly at first.

This is what I do. I help people bridge the gap between intention and action.

I show people how to define what's most important to them and identify the mindset and environmental roadblocks that are causing them stress and wasting their time. Together we create a plan and a road map customized for the life they have now and the life they want to create.

I love working with people who want big things from life! People who aren't happy accepting the status quo.

People who wont take "its just part of getting older" as an answer!

Eating real food is about health. It's also about learning to trust your body and enjoy life!

I believe in the integrative nature of life. Each area of our life is like a piece inside a clock. We can see the separate parts, but we also see that movement in one area causes movement in another. They are all deeply linked and connected.

If you're ready to explore the variety, versatility, flavor, and energy giving power of real food learn how you can work with me!



I believe that good food and healthy food are one and the same.

I believe that the most flavorful ingredients are the freshest, grown in the most fertile soil, with the most nutrients.

This is the kind of food that comforts you after a long, tiring day, and nourishes your body on a deep level.

In my world, a trip to the farmers market is always in order.

Fresh herbs and spices do wonders to lift a heavy mood.

Making time for relaxation and natural movement is a must.

Rules are overrated and being mean to yourself is a big no-no!

Fantasizing about turning your backyard into a tiny farm is totally encouraged!


This is the Parsley and Pumpkins manifesto and I'm thrilled to live it each day!