Kitchen Coaching

Planning & Strategy to help you cook and eat real food with confidence!

Because it's WAY more fun to get on the phone with a real person to ask your questions and start seeing results right away!

Strategy Session

1 hour video call, $57

Who is it for? You've been cooking real foods for a while, but you feel like it’s harder than it should be. Something isn’t clicking. You know what you “should” do but run into the same problems over and over. You need an outside perspective and a new game plan.

How does it work? When you book a session you’ll receive a questionnaire where you can tell me all about your real food journey, your problems, your struggles, and your questions. I’ll read every word. On the day of our call we’ll get on Skype and talk it out.

You’ll leave the session feeling confident with actionable advice you can implement right away.

Kitchen Coaching

1 hour video call + strategic game plan, $147

Who is it for? Kitchen coaching is for anyone who is struggling to make real food cooking a part of their everyday life. You want to cook at home more often. You want to get rid of processed foods. You want to eat vibrant, healthy food that makes you feel alive and energized! You’re ready to make it happen, but something in your day to day life is making it stressful and time consuming. You need a road map customized for your real life and the life you want to create.

How does it work? When you book a session you’ll receive a questionnaire to tell me about your past eating habits, your health goals, your cooking style, your food preferences. I’ll read every word and begin to compile customized resources.

During our first call we'll talk about your life. I believe in the integrative nature of life. There is no part of your life that is not affected and linked to every other part of your life. You can think of each area as a cog in a clock. The food you eat affects your energy levels which affects your ability to cope with stress, which affects your happiness, which affects your sleep. It all matters.

My superpower is being able to look at all the parts of your life and see how they affect one another. This allows me to make recommendations that not only improve your eating habits, but improve the way your eating habits affect all other areas of your well-being. 

After our session you’ll receive a customized road map. The content is unique for everyone. I'll synthesize everything we talked about in a clearly outlined, fully loaded road map. You'll get a clear outline of your goals, step by step guide of which areas to focus on first, custom meal plans, recipe recommendations, links to resources, and much more.

You’ll also receive a 30% discount on the accountability package for ongoing support.

Accountability Check In

4 video or audio calls, 30 minutes each, $80

Who is it for? You often place other people’s needs ahead of your own and need external accountability to maintain steady progress on your goals. You do a lot for other people. I'll help you do this for yourself.

Alternatively, you have recently completed a Strategy Session and need extra support. 

How does it work? When you purchase the package you’ll receive 4 unique coupon codes. You can visit the calendar at any time to schedule a call. You may schedule all four calls at once or as needed. Your accountability calls expire 3 months after purchase.

If you’d like a cooking technique demonstrated, simply note it when you select the date and time so that I can prepare ingredients.

If we haven’t worked together before, I’ll email you a welcome questionnaire before our first call.

Not sure if kitchen coaching is a good fit? Schedule a free 20 minute discovery call to find out how to make healthy eating feel like second nature! book now.