We’ll test our skills, discover new passions, and push our own boundaries.

The goal is to cook and eat 29 veggies in 29 days!

Are you in?


Nice to meet you!

I'm Mollie, the Kitchen Coach at Parsley and Pumpkins.

I'm a home cook who's passionate about helping others discover a love for good ol' fashion home cooking! I believe that healthy food and delicious food are one and the same.

By learning how to cook real food at home, you give yourself more freedom to eat the food you want to eat, when you want to eat it! You don't have to sacrifice flavor and enjoyment for nutrition.

You'll notice throughout my site that I have a deep love for veggies. I believe that veggies are the most varied and versatile food group we have. Eating more veggies at home will bring more fun and much better health to your kitchen and life!

Work with me one on one or scroll down for more resources.


Welcome to Parsley and Pumpkins! Here are a few resources to get you started.


Learn how to use flavor and texture to build delicious salads - no recipe needed!

Use your own creativity to build delicious salads on the fly. Combine textures and flavors to create outstanding salads with whatever ingredients you have on hand! Printable cheat sheets included!

The ultimate cookbook to buy, store, and eat the 29 most common veggies.

Over 166 recipes from 48 popular food bloggers, buying guides, storage tips, and nutrition info compiled into one simple cookbook to help you love eating your veggies!

Weekly inspiration & tips to live a healthy and happy life you love.

A new lesson, idea, or story that will motivate and inspire you to take action on your intentions and live the healthy and happy life you deserve. Emails go out every Thursday. Read past emails.


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