Vaginal Steam Set: Steam Stool, Cushion, and Herb Blend

Vaginal Steam Set: Steam Stool, Cushion, and Herb Blend

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>>>> About this set

This listing is for your choice of stool, cushion, and herb blend.

This set saves you 15% of the total of all three items.

>>>> About the Vaginal Steam Stool

The seat is 11 1/4 inch wide with a 6 inch hole in the center.

Choose between an 8 inch or 12 inch height.

Raw Pine is completely plain pine with no stain or sealant.

Root Stain has been stained brown with a handmade, natural stain made from dandelion root powder and apple cider vinegar, then sealed with a mix of beeswax and walnut oil.

The legs of the stool are set wide enough to allow a large pot, or even an electric burner to sit safely under the stool.

Your stool will arrive disassembled. All you need to do is screw the legs. Full assembly and steaming instructions for use will come with your steam stool.

Weighted to 250 pounds.

>>>> About the Cushion

Made from soft velvet with matching silk tassels and stuffed with premium polyester pillow fill.

Care instructions will come with your set. Hand wash as needed.

>>>> About the Herb Blends

Choose the herb blend for your cycle length. Even if you are steaming for fibroids, fertility, or other reasons, your cycle length is the most important variable when creating herb blends.

Package contains enough herbs for 15 steams, which will last about 3 months.

A short cycle is anything less than 28 days. Long cycle is anything more than 28 days or absent periods.

Short Cycle Ingredients: Lemon Balm, Nettle, Mugwort, Astragalus, St. Johns Wort

Long Cycle Ingredients: Motherwort, Lavender, Nettle, Orange Peel

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