3 Important fertility nutrients not found in a prenatal


The last couple articles have been about prenatals and all of the important vitamins and minerals you need to support fertility. I have a free prenatal comparison guide you can download if you want to make sure your taking the best prenatal for your body.

But today we’re getting more personal, we’re going to talk about 3 nutrients that are vital to fertility that are not found in a prenatal. I know how easy it is to get sucked in to the science of fertility and making sure you’re checking off all the boxes and doing all the things exactly right.

Why I care about fertility

If you haven’t heard my story before, I had a surprise pregnancy back in 2016 that ended in a miscarriage, and then in 2017 I learned how to track my fertile signs and we got pregnant using fertility awareness, which was really exciting, but that pregnancy also ended in a miscarriage around 9 weeks. Before all of this happened nutrition was already my hobby but this is what pushed me to make it my career.

So I get how easy it is to fall into this pattern of searching for data. You’re looking for that one thing that will make the difference. You want that checklist that says if you just do all of these things it will happen. You want the supplements, the prenatals, the recipes, the exact steps that will get you there.

Here’s the thing. We can become so consumed by this process that everything else gets bumped to second priority. We don’t mean for that to happen, it’s just that the stress and longing takes up so much of your brain space there’s not room for other things.

Health is a process, not a destination

What I’ve found in this journey, is that you can’t treat this like a diet where if you just follow the rules for the right amount of time you’ll get the results you want and then you can go back to real life. That’s not how fertility works. It’s all of the issues with “real life” that got us here in the first place.

So yes, you need a good prenatal, you need the specific vitamins and minerals and there are herbs you can use and they’re very helpful for balancing your hormones. But there are also nutrients vital to fertility and good health that aren’t found in your prenatal.

Three essential nutrients that aren’t found in your prenatal

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Vitamin Connection

I can’t tell you how many posts I’ve seen in fertility support groups of women saying that trying to have a baby is destroying their marriage. If that’s happening, you must pause and fix this before it gets worse.

Fertility is not an iron man competition where you can force your way through the obstacles, elbowing people out of your way to get to the finish line.

Vitamin Connection is an essential nutrient for your health, for your marriage, for your sense of belonging in the world, and for the life you’re creating for your future baby.

If you’re deficient in vitamin connection right now, please take a moment to pause, breathe, and re-connect with the people in your life. You are giving so much to this journey, you’ve got to open yourself up to help and support.

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Vitamin Nature

Vitamin nature does go back to some of the science, sunshine, fresh air, getting exposure to dirt are all essential to good health and fertility.

The reason we’re seeing such a decline in fertility rates is because of all the trappings of modern society. We spend most of our time in cars or office buildings, we don’t walk around, we’re in front of computers all day, we breathe filtered air, we eat processed food void of nutrients, we prioritize achievement over happiness, we cover our bodies in harmful chemicals to try to feel better about how we look, we drink water contaminated with chemicals.

It’s no wonder the majority of Americans have chronic illness. And by majority I don’t mean 51%, we’re talking 90%. Vitamin Nature is essential.

Getting outside and moving our bodies in unique ways. Just watch your feet next time you go on a hike compared to walking on a sidewalk. Your ankle moves in all different ways, tiny muscles and ligaments get activated.

Our bodies were built for more than sitting at a computer.  

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Vitamin Purpose

Vitamin Purpose is another essential nutrient that gets lost when you’re on a fertility journey. The desire to reproduce is primal, and it can seriously take over your brain, I know that. But maintaining your sense of purpose outside of fertility is so important to maintaining sanity.

This was not something I was able to see or comprehend in the months after my miscarriage. So if this concept doesn’t resonate with you, just focus on what does make sense from this article.

But most of the women that I work with and many of you watching this video have been trying to conceive for a few years. And when the journey becomes long it is essential to maintain your identity outside of this journey. Do not allow yourself to identify with the label infertile.

Even if your doctor has given you a diagnosis of unexplained infertility, which that’s hardly a diagnosis, that’s a medically sanctioned shrug. Don’t take that on as your identity.

And for those anyone with PCOS, this message is especially true. There are people out there who will tell you you were born with PCOS and there’s nothing you can do. That’s simply not true. Thousands of women have been able to reverse their PCOS and become pregnant and you can too.

So don’t take your diagnosis on as an identity. Take on the things that are true. You are strong. You are capable. You have a body. Your body is designed for fertility. Your body can heal. Your body can become pregnant. You can become a mother. Take on those things for your identity if you need ideas.

Ask for the help and support you need

If you’re struggling with any part of your health and you want help navigating both the mindset side like we talked about today and the science side of how to heal your gut, balance your hormones, regain your energy, clear up your skin, lengthen a short luteal phase, overcome PCOS, make sure you have nutrient reserves to support pregnancy, then contact me. I can help you with those things.