Create your PCOS Fertility Plan


Creating Your PCOS Fertility Plan

When most women look for ways to overcome PCOS, they go on the hunt for a PCOS Fertility Diet.

I want to recommend that you don’t think about it in terms of a diet, but instead create a PCOS Fertility Plan.

Shifting your mindset to thinking about a plan instead of a diet opens you up to all of the activities outside of eating which often get skipped over but are so important.

A PCOS Fertility Plan should consider all of these things:

PCOS Fertility Plan
  • Your Fertility Diet, the foods that you will and will not eat in order to promote fertility.

  • Your Sleep, how much sleep you want to get every night.

  • How much exercise you want to get every day.

  • What kind of stress relieving activities you want to practice.

  • Anything you want to learn about; books to read, topics to research, even lab tests you want done to learn about your internal biochemistry.

  • How you want to monitor your fertility signs. Are you going to do basal body temperature tracking each morning, are you going to use ovulation predictor kits, are you going to do a combination of different ways to monitor fertility, which is what I always recommend.

All of these activities encompass your PCOS Fertility Plan.

And I want you to think about these areas in terms of the specific steps you can take to improve them over the next year.

PCOS Fertility Plan Reasons

Why Many Women Don’t Make a PCOS Fertility Plan

You may want to skip this and not do it.

Many women resist making long term plans for their health because the idea of still having PCOS a year from now is excruciating. And so they don't think long term. They search instead for a miracle supplement that will cure them overnight.

Planning for the next year, does not mean it will take a year to see results.

You can think ahead to everything you want to do, these are books I want to read, these are lab tests I want to have done, these are the new foods and recipes I want to learn how to make - and the planning of it will not make it take that long to get the result.

And in fact, switching to a long term mindset will help you see results faster.

Because you leave a place of hoping things will change, and enter a place of actively creating change.

Overcoming Obstacles to Your Plan

After you’ve looked at each of those sections on your PCOS Fertility Plan, the next step is to Plan to Overcome Obstacles.

When I figured out this mindset shift it was a massive game changer in my life in so many areas.

Anytime we set really big dreams or goals for ourselves, our brains immediately come up with all of the reasons we can’t do it.

PCOS Fertility Plan Quote

For example, if you say to yourself “I’m going to completely reverse my PCOS and I’m going to get pregnant this year.”

Your brain, in a misguided attempt to be helpful, will tell you all the reasons that won’t happen.

  • you’re addicted to soda

  • you eat way too much candy

  • your AMH is too low

  • work is really busy and you don’t have time to cook healthy food

  • your don’t even know if you’re ovulating

Here’s the magic that will change your life. Are you ready?

Write down all of the reasons your dream is impossible right now.

And that list becomes your PCOS Fertility Plan.

If the first reasons is that your addicted to soda, you make a plan to stop drinking soda. You make a plan to get off the soda. You try the plan, maybe it doesn’t work. You try something else. Maybe you fail again. You try something different. You keep trying new strategies until you find the one that works and you no longer need the soda and you’re free.

The magic is that you don’t have to accept these obstacles at face value. You can choose to overcome them one by one, and in doing so, the list of reasons you can’t overcome PCOS and have a baby this year becomes smaller and smaller.

PCOS Fertility Plan Obstacles

Overcoming Obstacles That Don’t have Obvious Solutions

Some obstacles on your PCOS Fertility Plan will not have obvious solutions.

Anything medical, especially if your doctor hasn’t given you much hope, you may not know what the solution is at first. And so that’s where you build some learning into your plan.

For example, if one of the obstacles on your list is low AMH. You go searching for ways to improve egg health.

As you’re finding solutions to obstacles, even more obstacles may come up. Your brain may tell you that you don't have time to research egg health. Now your action item becomes finding someone who can help you figure it out. You find a practitioner, like me, and we do the detective work for you and outline a personalized PCOS Fertility plan.

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What if You Don’t Know Where to Start?

PCOS Fertility Plan List of to dos

Once you’ve gone through the 6 main categories you should have a decent size list to start with. If you draw a blank in any of these areas, ask yourself some good questions. You know more than you think when it comes to your health and fertility.

  • Food & Nutrition - Ask yourself what are the healthiest foods you eat? What are the least healthiest foods you eat? Do you think you’re getting enough vitamins and minerals? How do you feel after you eat?

  • Sleep - Do you get good sleep? What does your bedtime routine look like? What are the thoughts in your mind before you fall asleep? Do you sleep through the night? If not, why and when do you wake up?

  • Exercise - Do you feel you get enough exercise? What kind of exercise do you like to do? What kind do you not like? How often do you want to exercise? What are some easy ways to incorporate more movement in your daily routine?

  • Stress Management - How stressed do you feel? What are the three biggest stressors in your life? What are the least stressful parts of your life? What does stress feel like in your body? What do you do when you feel stressed?

  • Learning - What do you want to learn about? What information do you need to make better decisions? What information would help you understand your health better? Do you have a condition or symptom you want to learn about?

  • Fertility Tracking - Do you currently track your cycle? Is the information you’re getting helping you make decisions? What information do you need?


Schedule your Plan

These questions will guide you towards actions to take, actions to stop, and information you need to seek out.

Go through your list and highlight the items that are the most important.

Schedule time in your calendar to work on these.

Remember: It won’t always go smoothly. You’ll run in to new obstacles. But you will learn SO MUCH about your body, your health, and your fertility. By the end of the year, you will be a brand new person.


Having a plan will guide you each day as you make choices for your fertility.

It is 100% possible to overcome your PCOS and get pregnant naturally. And you are 100% capable of taking the actions necessary to make it happen.

What I don’t want, is for you to spend the next year doing the same things you’ve been doing while wishing and hoping to overcome you PCOS.

And instead you ask yourself what needs to be done in order to overcome PCOS, and you take action on that thought.

You’ve got this!