How to cut a whole pineapple into rings (without fancy tools)

The pineapple plant is SO amazing.

I really took this fruit for granted. It was a strange tropical fruit that came in cans. Occasionally, it would show up in the grocery store as a whole, weird fruit with huge leaves and no way to tell what was inside it.

Pineapples grow on a bush that looks very similar to their tops. You can actually grow your own pineapple plant by rooting the top of a good pineapple. You'll let the top dry out in a dark place for a week or so, then place it in a cup of water to root.

Once you can see thick white roots growing from the bottom, plant it in a large container with well draining soil.

You'll want to choose a prominent spot on your patio where the plant will compliment the decor, because it's going to sit there for at least two years before it grows a single flower!

But when it flowers... it will be amazing.

While researching the pineapple plant I came across a lovely post from Jeanne about her pineapple finally flowering. You can see how each flower would eventually become those characteristic little sections on the pineapples we know and love.

It usually takes six months from the time the plant starts to flower until the fruit is ready to harvest.

Most of us do not have two years (or green thumbs - that's me - ) and we buy our pineapples at the grocery store.

Here are my tips to pick out a good pineapple:

  • Pick it up and feel the weight. It should feel appropriately heavy for it's size.

  • Look at the bottom and check that there's no mold growing.

  • A fully green pineapple is underripe and a fully yellow one is probably overripe. Look for one that's yellow on the bottom and green on top, about half and half.

  • Smell the bottom. If it doesn't smell strongly like pineapple, put it down and back away quickly.

Once you get it home, chop it up and eat it!

This is my first attempt at an unscripted tutorial video with my husband trying to make helpful suggestions in the background.... If you're looking for perfection, click the X on your browser tap and google Martha Stewart. If you want a down home how-to, click play.

Note - The video is unedited, in real time. You can skip the slow bits.

  • 00:00 - 00:40 - How to tell if it's ripe

  • 00:41 - 01:31 - Pulling the top off...gracefully...

  • 01:32 - 03:32 - Cutting the skin off

  • 03:32 - 07:15 - Cutting out the core ( 06:34 Jake is gesturing directions behind the camera and I give him a look)

  • 07:16 - 09:04 - Cutting the pineapple into rings or triangle chunks

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