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Most of the side-effects reported while steaming are positive. Users have reported better sleep and lucid dreams, relaxation, decreased swelling in legs and feet, decreased abdominal bloating, slimmer waistline, increased libido and sexual sensation; increased vaginal nectar and fertility, decrease in breast soreness, fewer headaches, fewer PMS symptoms and improved emotional balance, increased circulation and energy, tingling feet, glowing skin, reduction in incidence of hormonal acne and increased lubrication and vaginal nectar, scar softening, tighter vaginal canal and harmonization with the moon cycle. WHAT TO EXPECT Steaming is a cleanse. Some of the possible signs the vaginal steaming is working is if you experience -- the urge to urinate while steaming, brown discharge after steaming, increased clots or cramps during the period, increased dry cramps, increased irregular vaginal discharge (white, green, thick, clumpy), emotional release, periods that come earlier or later than expected. All of these signs are a normal part of the cleansing process and these signs will go away once the cleanse is complete. Please note these changes and let Mollie know of these positive changes. BEST PRACTICES 1) Go to the bathroom directly prior to vaginal steaming. 2) Learn proper period care. Avoid tampon use and instead use cotton pads or period panties. The period is a uterine cleanse and if you support it the clots can easily clear out. Plugging up with tampons, on the other hand, prevents the old residue from clearing out and that is often the cause of cramping. CAUTION SIGNS If steaming causes a rash, bumps, headaches itchiness, diarrhea or the onset of fresh spotting or inter-period bleeding, this could be a sign that your steam protocol or herbs might need to be adjusted or that there is an allergic reaction. If these signs occur please let Mollie know so I can adjust the steam session as necessary or make a referral. **** In 99% of all cases using a mild steam session and mild herbs will prevent any of the above signs from happening so it's very important that you give honest answers in this intake form so that Mollie can provide you with the best herbal blend for your needs. I understand that vaginal steaming may have positive or negative side effects as a result of doing a vaginal steam session. I accept legal responsibility for my choice to do a vaginal steam session and waive the responsibility of Mollie Williams and Parsley and Pumpkins Nutrition in the case that any of the named side effects (or others) may occur. I agree that this is a legally binding document. My printed name and date below represent my signature.