Functional nutrition for fertility, menstrual cycle health, and PCOS
Everyday Fertility Course: Know when you ovulate, track cervical fluid and basal body temperature

Get pregnant faster and discover empowered fertility by charting your fertile signs

(without spending hours reading, looking up definitions, and trying to figure out what applies to you!)

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Your body is always trying to communicate with you

Three years ago I had a surprise pregnancy that ended in a miscarriage at 6 weeks. My world was completely shaken. I never thought something like that could happen to me (don’t we all?)

When we decided to actually start trying for a baby I quickly realized that everything I knew about fertility was how to prevent pregnancy! I had never been taught how to support fertility and conceive on purpose!

This started a career (a.k.a. obsession) with fertility and nutrition. Now charting my cycle is one of my favorite ways to check in on my health and support my fertility!

Charting my cycle helped me take control of my fertility. It gave me a way to see what my hormones were doing so that I could make better choices.

Everyday Fertility is about more than correctly timing your baby dance to TTC.

It’s about taking charge of your health, your body, and your fertility.

It’s about knowing that your body is always on your side and learning how to work with your hormones (especially when you have a hormonal imbalance like PCOS!)

That’s what it means to practice Everyday Fertility!

Charting your fertile signs is like unlocking a secret door that reconnects you with your body, your fertility, and your innate ability to heal.  


The Everyday Fertility course will teach you to quickly identify the best day to TTC - simply by spending 15 minutes each day observing your body’s signals.

This course will help you…

  • Know exactly when you enter your fertile phase

  • Know which days are best for baby dancing

  • Know with complete confidence if and when you ovulate 

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Many ovulation predictor devices don’t work well with hormonal imbalances like PCOS because their algorithms cannot predict what your body is going to do in the future. Charting your fertile signs yourself is the best way to identify your fertile window and confirm if/when you ovulate every single cycle - even if your cycle is super long!

By the end of this course you will…

  • Feel completely confident in your ability to recognize and interpret your fertile signs

  • Be connected to your body in a completely new way

  • Know exactly what your hormones are doing every single day 

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The course pairs a binge-watchable video series and 4 live Q&A calls so that you don’t just learn how hormones are “supposed” to work - you learn how to interpret what your hormones are actually doing throughout your cycle.

Charting your fertile signs will become a tool to…

  • Observe and analyze how your food, stress, and exercise impact your hormones

  • Feel more in control of your fertility and health

  • Find more ease in the fertility journey by taking the guesswork out of timing intercourse 

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Class Lessons

Hormones 101

Understand how the 5 key sex hormones cause physical changes during your cycle, so that you can use those signs to confidently identify where you are in your cycle and what’s happening with your fertility during each phase. This sets the stage to better understand everything else in the course.

Charting 101

Choose how you’re going to chart your signs. We’ll talk about paper charting, using apps, and how to build the habit of collecting your data everyday.

Cervical Fluid

Cervical fluid is what helps sperm travel faster and stay alive during their journey! Learn how to identify and analyze your cervical fluid to predict peak fertility.

LH Test Strips

Ovulation predictor kits are a favorite of women TTC. We’ll talk about the uses and drawbacks of test strips, when to use them, and what the results mean for timing your baby dance.



My favorite lesson in the course! Learn the do’s and dont’s of how to take your basal body temperature correctly, how to chart your temperature, and what your temps mean!


Learn how to use the information from your cervical fluid, LH test strips, and temperature to identify your fertile window and choose the best days for baby dancing. You’ll also learn how to adjust your timing for low sperm count.



Learn how your charts can reveal hidden hormonal imbalances. We’ll cover common patterns of hormone imbalance and what they mean for your fertility.

Live Q&A Calls

You get access to the course videos as soon as you complete your purchase.

        Live calls are held every Wednesday at 11am central time. Join when you have questions or want to learn from others’ experiences. These calls are for you to ask questions about the lessons, interpreting your fertile signs, or interpreting your charts.

Private Facebook Group

Connect with other women on the same journey as you!

Are you ready to discover what your charts will tell you!?

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What if I can’t attend the live calls?

The live Q&A calls will be recorded so that you can watch the replay. If you want to ask a question but can’t attend live, simply email me your question and I’ll answer it on the call.

Does charting work for PCOS, endometriosis, or other hormonal imbalances?

Yes. Your body communicates through symptoms and physical changes. Observing these physical changes can give you insight into what your hormones are doing during your cycle. Because hormonal imbalances cause long cycles, short cycles, anovulatory cycles, and many other symptoms, most devices have a difficult time predicting ovulation. Charting your symptoms yourself is the best way to accurately identify what you’re hormones are doing and if/when you ovulate each cycle.

How much time will this course take?

If you watched all 7 lessons at once it would take about 3 hours. You’ll have access to the video lessons as soon as class starts on April 3rd and will have access throughout the class duration so you can watch them at any time.

The live Q&A calls are held weekly and will last up to 1 hour depending on how many questions we get. Q&A calls are totally optional and are provided as a resource for you.

How much time will it take to chart my fertile signs each day?

It takes about 5-10 minutes in the morning to take your basal body temperature and about 30 seconds to observe your cervical fluid each time you use the restroom. All in all, charting is a very simple practice to do everyday and easily becomes a habit.

Will charting help me get pregnant?

Maybe! Correctly timing intercourse around ovulation is a must for conception. Many couples struggle to get pregnant for months simply due to improper timing!

If timing is not your issue, charting can also illuminate hormonal imbalances that may be negatively impacting your fertility. However, charting will not correct these imbalances on it’s own. Your charts will only show you what is happening with your body and it will be up to you to use that information for deeper healing. For example, you may observe that you have a consistently short luteal phase. The chart can reveal this issue and you’ll need to do the research or seek a practitioner who can give you some ideas to lengthen your luteal phase.

I’ve already done some reading and have started charting my cycles. What will I get out of this course?

Awesome! You’ve already taken the first steps! Depending on your experience with charting this may be brand new information or you may already know a lot. If you’re unsure, the easiest way to find out if this course is a good fit is to email and tell me about your charting experience. If you’re already a pro I’ll let you know that this course isn’t a great fit and I’ll refer you to someone who can help you take it to the next level.

You may still find the Q&A calls helpful. If you’re at all unsure about interpreting your cervical fluid or you’re seeing unusual patterns in your charts, you can bring these questions to a Q&A call for one on one help.

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See you in class!

I’m so excited to share this life changing information with you!! Charting has completely changed my relationship with my fertility and I know it will do the same for you!

- Mollie Williams, NTP

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