How to peel a hard boiled egg easily!

One of the most annoying things in the kitchen is when you're peeling a hard boiled egg and big parts of the white come off with the shell. The egg ends up looking mangled and wonky - so unappetizing!

This is my two part system for perfectly peeled eggs every time!

1. Shake it up!

Place your boiled egg in a small jar. Choose a size where the egg can move around, but there shouldn't be more than an inch of space between the egg and the sides of the jar.

Then shake the jar up, down, and all around.

The outside of the shell will get tons of tiny cracks, but the lining underneath the shell will stay intact. This is what makes it so much easier to peel.

2. Peel under water.

Peel the shell off under running water or in a bowl. As you peel the shell water will try to get in between the egg and the shell, helping you to peel it off smoothly.

That's it! Easy peasy!

Now go make something delicious!



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